The Wednesday's episode of ‘Ishqbaaz’ aired on Star Plus in India ended with Anika, (Surbhi Chandna) signing the divorce papers, after Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) forces her to do so for reasons best known to him.

The Thursday, (December 29, 2016) episode

The show begins with Annika asking Shivaay many questions on why he is different and his thoughts keep changing all the time. She feels sometimes she wants to get rid of Tia, and sometimes her. She feels sometimes he is a very good person and sometimes very bad. She asks him to answer for why he asked a divorce from her in such a way.

No answer from Shivaay.

Anika again packs her baggage and starts to move out of the Oberoi Mansion with her little brother Saahil. Only Pinky (Shivaay's mother) and Tia seem happy looking at her stepping out. Tia comes to her and taunts her with a send-off gift. Annika opens and sees and feels sad as she finds a pair of slippers in it. She tolerates Tia's taunts and begins to go out. Shivaay says something and gives her a hint.

Shivaay hints Anika not to go out of the house

Anika goes out of the house and as she is about to get into the car, she remembers what Shivaay tells her. He hints to her not to leave him and go. She becomes happy and returns back into the house. Tia again angrily comes to her and begins to question her.

Annika says's she is still the daughter-in-law of this family and even though she has signed the divorce papers, there is 6 months yet for the divorce to take place.

So she won't be going anywhere.

Tia gets annoyed again

Tia gets frustrated at Anika and calls Swetlana her sister and tells her that if she cannot do something about Anika, she will do it in her own way. Both sisters think that Tia may take some wrong step which may harm their plan to destroy the Oberoi's. They decide to go to the Oberoi Mansion.

In the next scene, Annika tells Shivaay that she came back because he gave a hint to her. Shivaay does not agree to this and tells her that he didn't call her and she came by herself. Anika tells him that she knows that he cares for her. Shivaay disagrees again, so she challenges him that she will prove in front of all the members of the family that he cares for her by tonight.

Annika to prepare dinner for the Oberoi family members

Dadi calls Annika and tells her that today she has to cook for all the family members and impress them with their favorite dishes because this is the rule of the house.

Tia's evil plan to kill Anika

Tia hears this conversation and makes an evil plan to trap Anika. Tia's two sisters come as vegetable vendors to keep the cooking stuff at home, Dadi suspects their behavior but lets them do the job. The two sisters meet Tia and tell her not to take any decision that may spoil their bigger motives.

Tia cunningly switches on the gas cylinder and is waiting for Anika to light the match box and die. The episode ends.

Will Annika light the match box? Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode.