‘Ishqbaaz’, the daily drama aired on Star Plus has taken an interesting twist with Tia allegedly pregnant and who else could be the father other than Shivaye! But is it really him?

The Monday, (December 26, 2016) episode starts with Soumya reading out the reports that Tia's child indeed is Shivaaye’s as confirmed by the DNA test. The frame throws light on three masked women who are meeting a doctor and Tia being threatened by Anika that she would soon unveil her treachery.

The serial takes us back into an earlier scene that had led to the report in which a woman is shown on the phone talking to another dressed as a nurse, warning her to take care of Anika as she was coming to Dr.

Chatterji with Shivaye’s sample for the DNA.

Anika is shown handing out the sample to Dr. Chatterji and on the assurance of the reports to be handed out a day after, leaves and is found assuring Shivaye on the phone after that. Pinky and Jhanvi are shown speculating whether the child indeed belongs to Shivay or not.

Love is happening!

On the other end Anika tries to lighten Shivaye’s tension with a sizzling dance performance which depicts how unknowingly but deeply they are coming closer.

Sahil is the intermediary between the two and as Shivaay loses his inhibitions and dances with Anika, enjoying her smiles, love is happening. The frame comes back to the present where reports come out positive.

Shivay is the father. He is shocked and finally accepts his responsibility saying that he would take care of the baby even though he does not remember having any relationship with Tia.His acceptance somewhere hurts Anika and as she walks away her Tia mocks her. Tia and Anika challenge each other where Tia vows to get Shivay and Anika to unmask her lie.

Sinister plans work again!

Dr. Chatterji is shown pleading for his son’s release to the three women as he had done what they wanted by declaring that Shivaay was the father. The three masked women are unveiled; they are none other than Tia, Shwetlana, and Rumi who are in this treachery together to crush the Oberoi’s.