Tamil movie "Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru" was released in Tamil Nadu and across India on Thursday, December 29, 2016.

A real gem of a film which has raised the benchmark of murder mysteries in Kollywood; this is how we can define the film in a single sentence.

This film directed by a 21-year-old Karthik Kumar has turned out to be a stout thriller, which will make the audiences sit on the edge of the seats until the end. This nail-biting flick has none other than Mollywood star Rahman in the lead role, and he has played the role of a retired Police officer.

A dedicated cop vs a dreaded serial killer

The movie revolves around the story of a retired cop named Deepak who was very sincere and dedicated during his professional career.

One day, he meets a young man who wishes to become an IPS officer. Understanding his passion towards serving the country, Deepak starts narrating the most complicated case which he has handled in his career.

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Six years ago, he was working in a local station, where he was assigned the task to unveil the mystery behind a serial killing case. While investigation, the police officer finds many clues about the killer but fails to arrest anyone due to lack of evidence. Revealing more details about the movie is impossible, as it will act as spoilers.

A movie which follows the path of Mollywood thrillers

Malayalam movie industry may be a small industry, but the fraternity has succeeded in making some quality thrillers which are of International standards. "D-16" may not offer something fresh for audiences who are used to watch Malayalam thrillers, but it has that extraordinary execution which will make the spectators glued to the theater seats.

Rahman is back with a bang

This film is expected to bring a turning point in the career of veteran actor Rahman. The movie will surely succeed in the box-office, and it will give that extra courage in the minds of producers to cast Rahman as the male lead in their flicks.

Box-office prediction

"Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru" was released in a very limited number of theaters. But considering the positive response, we can expect that this film will collect around Rs 6 crores by the end of this weekend.