"Eastenders" is aired on BBC One Television at 7.30pm on December 29th and the countdown to Ronnie and Jack's wedding continues.

They may have been married once before, but Ronnie and Jack are closing in on marriage number two. In the last episode, we saw Ronnie put her problems with troubled sister Roxy behind her as they reconciled. But will Roxy now manage to build bridges with Jack?

Can Roxy get Jack to trust her again?

Jack doesn't trust Roxy, the mother of his daughter Amy, one bit. It is no surprise after seeing Roxy turn to alcohol in the build up to Christmas on Albert Square and over the festive period too.

After seeing her arrive home drunk after sunrise on more than one occasion, he has been convinced it is the right decision to take Amy with him and Ronnie when they move to Ongar following their wedding. Just when she is making inroads into building those bridges, things don't go well for Roxy when she is entrusted with looking after Amy and Ricky, Jack's son. Does it spell an end to the plans being hatched by Ronnie and Roxy?

Lee struggles to cope with life

While Roxy's problems may seem fairly large as she faces she daughter Amy move away, they are nothing compared to Lee's troubles. Having staged a robbery of his own parents' pub, it is now coming back to haunt him. And Lee is struggling to cope with the enormity of what he has got himself into.

How long will it be before Dad Mick finds out the truth? Lee has masked over the truth to new wife Whitney and lied about his police arrest, but will his work colleagues drop him in it?

Max continues to make things up

Max, meanwhile, continues to make things up with daughter Lauren following his return to Albert Square. But is it all a disguise?

Does he secretly want to make the likes of Ian, Jayne and Phil pay for what they put him through over the death of Lucy Beale? He's already stunned them by sending Christmas gifts. Stacey is certainly on Max's side, but her friendship with him is making Martin agitated. After all, he knows Stacey and Max have a history. Will Max's return cause problems for Martin and Stacey's relationship?