‘Ishqbaaz’ aired on Star Plus in India is becoming interesting by the day with new twists after Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) gets blackmailed from the Kapoor sisters to give divorce to Anika, (Surbhi Chandna) and marry Tia.

The Wednesday, (December 28, 2016) episode

The show begins with Shivaay rushing to the hospital to meet his ailing grandmother. When he goes there, even Mrs. Kapoor (Tia's mother) is also present beside his grandmom. His grandmother reveals a bitter truth to him by saying that Tej Singh Oberoi's son Omkara is his illegitimate child.

Om is not the real brother of Shivaay.

Mrs. Kapoor explains to him that Tej Singh wanted an heir to take care of his vast business empire and that his wife Jhanavi was not able to conceive at that time. So he took the help of his mistress and Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) was born. Shivaay can't believe what he is hearing.

Rudra is the illegitimate child of Tej Singh

Later Mrs. Kapoor blackmails Shivaay that if he wants this news to remain a secret he needs to act fast, give divorce to Annika and remove her from the Oberoi house and marry her pregnant daughter Tia as soon as possible. Shivaay can't believe that he is being threatened this way.

He straight away goes home and asks Jhaanvi to bring her passport and he finds that she was away in London for one year in 1990.

He asks her why was she away.

She tells him that they were setting up new business and even Omkara was born this time. It was unexpected and they had to accept the reality. Shivaay recalls what Mrs. Kapoor had told him.

Anika signs divorce papers

He then goes to Anika, gives her the divorce papers and asks her to sign.

The shocked Anika asks him what made him take this abrupt decision?

Shivaay forces her to sign the papers, when Anika refuses, he threatens her that how he had brought her to the Oberoi house, the same way he will throw her out too. The crying Anika signs it as Tia comes in and taunts her that her game is over.

The manager checks the papers, but before he could ask him some questions, Shivaay asks him to go away.

He takes the papers and goes. The episode ends.

Did Shivaay really sign the divorce papers?