"Eastenders" is aired on BBC One Television at 7.30pm on December 30th and Lee's problems continue to mount in episode 5414. It is the last show of 2016 and looks set to set things up for a dramatic start to the New Year.

All eyes are on Lee Carter as his ongoing money problems take him to breaking point? How long can he continue to lie to loved ones? Meanwhile, Roxy's own life continues to spiral as she becomes embroiled in even more controversy on Albert Square.

How long can Lee go on in Eastenders?

Lee has been on a downward spiral for some time and it seems only a matter of time before he reaches the bottom.

We know the character is being written out of the show and actor Danny-Boy Hatchard is leaving the soap, but how will he exit. In the final episode of the year, the fall out from his failed attempts to rob his own parents' pub The Queen Vic continues. Lee is now desperate for money to get rid of mounting debts, he's lied to new wife Whitney, the police and his parents Mick and Linda too. But he's also being bribed by work colleagues who know his little secret having been part of the robbery. Can he get out of trouble? It seems unlikely with the news emerging that he is to leave "Eastenders".

Roxy causes more trouble in Eastenders

Having failed to convince Jack Branning that she can be a good mother to daughter Amy in the last episode, Roxy Mitchell reverts back to type.

Having spent most of the Christmas period either drunk, hungover or sleeping, she's back on the booze and going hard at it at sister Ronnie's hen night ahead of her second marriage to Jack. Just when it seems that Donna might actually find love - or a boyfriend at least - as she attracts the attention of fellow market trader Shrimpy, Roxy steps in.

Shrimpy has been nothing more than an extra for a long, long time on Albert Square. But he's got his own storyline and two women chasing after him. But with the drunk and loud Roxy getting increasingly jealous, will she ruin Donna's chances with Shrimpy? We know both Ronnie and Roxy are leaving...but how will Roxy's exit come about?

Max's motives are questioned in Eastenders

Max Branning has seemed all sweet and nice since returning to Albert Square on Christmas Day, but his motives are now being question. He does, after all, have a score to settle with Ian, Jayne, Phil and several others having been wrongly jailed for the murder of Lucy Beale. And some residents of the Square are wondering what his motives for coming back are. Martin Fowler is one of those questioning Max, particularly as his girlfriend Stacey continues to rekindle her friendship with Max, a former lover. Stacey talks to Martin to reassure him, but he is not convinced and this one looks like it might rumble on into the New Year.