The yesterday's (December 21st) episode of "Ishqbaaz" TV show aired in India on Star Plus ended with Daksha going to jail after Annika (Surbhi Chandna) was saved by Shivaya (Nakuul Mehta) after fighting with Daksha. He brings her to the Oberoi Mansion.

Thursday, December 22nd episode

All the members have gathered at the dining table for breakfast and a big argument takes place between Shivaay and his mother Pinky. Pinky doesn't know that Daksha kidnapped Anika and She was saved by Shivaay. She has all the things in mind that Daksh told her about Anika.

Shivaye tells her mother that he trusts Anika and no one should doubt her motives going forward. And Dakshya's name should not be taken by anyone in the family. For this, his mother doesn't agree and tells him that Anikka has poisoned his mind and still he is taking her side in spite of knowing the truth about her.

She doesn't want to sit with Anika and have breakfast, so she starts to go away, then Shivaye stops her and consoles his crying mother and request her not go away. Then he asks Anika also to sit and have breakfast.

The next scene shows Anika getting ready to go to work. Shivaay steps in and asks her she should not go to work as now she is the daughter in law of the Oberoi's.

Anikaa doesn't agree and starts walking as she doesn't want to talk to him, Shivaay then brings his lavish car and parks it in front of her path and tells her that he will drop her.

She won't agree to it. She gives him three warnings to remove the car from her way. Shivaay is adamant, won't remove the car. Then Anikaa brings a cricket bat and breaks the front glass of the expensive car as the shocked Shiva looks on.

Love blossoms between Annika and Shivaay

Now she starts to go for work, he still doesn't allow her to go and lifts her in his arms and takes her inside the Oberoi mansion.

Funny scene here as all members are looking at Shivaay carrying Anika and coming inside the house, as he notices all looking at them and laughing, he drops Anika on the floor and goes into the room.

Anika too gets embarrassed and runs into her room where Shivaay is waiting for her. He gives the cricket bat again and tells her to break all the glasses in the room and even his head, but requests her not to stop talking to him.

He apologizes to her for whatever happened in the past and say's sorry many times. Hearing this Anika gets emotional and seems to forgive him for everything.

Tia tries to commit suicide

As they are about to hug, Pinky comes in the room and tells that Tia has locked herself in her room. All rush towards Tia's room, Shivaay gets in by breaking the door and sees that Tia is pouring petrol on her and wants to lit the fire. Shivaay saves her.

When asked for the reason, Tia's mother tells Shivaay that he is not marrying her and time is running out. Shivaay says he will marry her but needs time as he needs to first divorce Anika. The episode ends after Tia's mother Mrs. Kapoor reveals that Tia is pregnant with Shivaay's child.