It's been almost a month since the beginning of the Fall season. Lots of new TV shows and returning shows started. It's time to have a look at the Autumn's winners and losers. This list combines the quality and the TV ratings' results.

The TV ratings Winning Spot

"This Is Us": it's the most successful new freshman TV Series and it is giving a boost to NBC. It's a critical darling and it has obtained a wonderful 2.8 in the 18/49 last Tuesday. Have a look at "This Is Us" 1x04:

"The Good Place" started really well. Reviews were great and the post-The Voice's result was a great beginning.

On its new timeslot, the ratings have decreased, but last Thursday both "Superstore" and the Kristen Bell's comedy were up. The TV show is really enjoyable, keep watching!

"Designated Survivor" - ABC has only two bright spots: the most successful one is Kiefer Sutherland's new show. It has obtained great results in its timeslot and fans are intrigued.

"Speechless" is a success. Critics are loving it and viewers are sticking with it after watching "The Goldbergs". It will likely stay around for at least a full season.

The TV ratings Danger Zone

"No Tomorrow": The CW is not enjoying the beginning of the new season. Not only "No Tomorrow" wasted its strong The Flash's lead-in but it went lower this week with a mere 0.2 in the 18/49.

Have a look at "No Tomorrow" promo:

"Timeless" is not in a great condition: its first episode debuted with a weak 1.9 in the 18/49, on Monday some of the viewers abandoned the show. It won't likely go well. "Timeless" 1x03 Trailer:

"Notorius" is this Fall's biggest failure. Critics hated the pilot and "Grey's Anatomy" fans didn't dare to watch it.

It will likely be cancelled as soon as possible. "How To Get Away with Murder" is suffering.

"Conviction" - Hayley Atwell's shows are always unlucky. "Agent Carter" was such a thrilling ride, but it didn't deliver proper results. "Convinction" is even weaker and it's difficult to foresee a future for the show. Fail.

That's it: these are the Win/Fail ranking on broadcast new TV series. Have a look at my "Twin Peaks", "Prison Break" and "24: Legacy" preview.

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