Due to the Netflix show she has become the hottestandyoungest star in Hollywood. In Stranger Things she plays the character of Eleven who is a lost, young girl who are telekinetic powers thanks to a top secret experiment, run by the government.

When's the kiss?!?

Her character shares a kiss with Mike who is played by Finn Wolfhand. Mike is a boy who kept Eleven safe in his basement, after she escaped the facility in which she has been kept in since birth. Mike and his pals soon became close friends with Eleven.

How did the kid actors react to the scene?

However Brown found the scene strange and found Kissing boys to be "Yuk".

"It was definitely strange. It was like, my first kiss, so it was kind of weird"

Apparenlty after filming the kissing scene Brown shouted "kissing sucks", whereas Wolfhard was pretty into.During rehersal and leading up to the final take, the kissing moment never actually happened. The writers behind the series aka, The Duffer Brothers messaged the young stars with the kiss emoji.

The actress went on to state that at the end of the day it was acting and would do anything for the show. Including the fact that she had already cut her hair, anything else to do for the show was minor compared to that.

What does Millie think about people dressing up as her character?

Millie is also flattered to find out that people are wanting to dress up as Eleven for Halloween and Comic-Con. She's glad people are accepting and embracing her peculiar character.

When is season two?

Although there is no release date for season 2 there have been rumours it will be returning before July 2017, so not long now!There are rumours that filming for season 2 has already started as well.

There is an apparent Reddit user who released images as it was said that he lived near the set. However these images could be from season 1 and don't reveal a huge amount of information. Although there is a trailer about, which again doesn't reveal much information but does confirm that there will be a second season.

One thing the trailer did give away were the titles of season 2 episodes:



2. The Boy Who Came Back To Life

3. The Pumpkin Patch

4. The Palace

5. The Storm

6. The Pollywog

7. The Secret Cabin

8. The Brain

9. The Lost Brother

Lets hope we see more kissing scenes from Brown in season two.