The debut episode of "Westworld "begins with a welcome into its theme park which inhabits life-like robots or state-of-the-art androids that are referred to as hosts. These hosts then set out to entertain and interact with actual people referred to as guests who pay to visit the artificial Wild West world. Guests who enter "Westworld" have carte blanche to do as they desire.

1. 'Westworld' the OG

The original Westworld first aired in 1973 and gave viewers the ultimate in theme park experiences. You could say it was a more terrifying version of "Jurassic Park" which given that the director went on to create "Jurassic Park" 13 years later it may come as no surprise.

2. Everyone is a robot

Well, maybe. We cant help but jump to that conclusion after James Marsdens character Teddy is surprisingly killed right in the beginning of the first episode to ever air. Viewers are under the assumption that the bullets in "Westworld" can only kill robots. Guests will remain unharmed. So after the shocking death youre left wondering whos real and who isnt.

3. Anthony Hopkins is back

The small screen salutes the familiar face of veteran actor Anthony Hopkins as he returns to TV with a role in "Westworld". It may be safe to say that he is one of the greatest actors of our generation and his immeasurable talent is a welcome addition to the hit HBO show. The series sees Sir Hopkins take on the role as the scientist who invented the park and all the hosts who inhabit it.

4. 'Westworld' was inspired by 'Grand Theft Auto'

According to Variety, the "Westworld" producers played Grand Theft Auto as research in the lead up to the creation of the "Westworld" series. GTA is an acclaimed best-seller after all and some may say its all due to the players ability to behave as they wish once submersed into the game.

5. Without 'Game of Thrones', 'Westworld' wouldn't have happened

Its safe to say that without Game of Thrones, there would be no 'Westworld'as we know today. Jonathan Nolan went on record supporting this claim and alluded to the fact that the award-winning series pushed the boundaries of TV and opened the realm of possibilities for shows to come.

Lets face it "GOT" was never shy on nudity and violence and paved the way for "Westworld" to break it into the mainstream of popular culture viewing.

The HBO hit show takes viewers on a sci-fi journey blurring the lines of reality and fantasy. The results are both thrilling and terrifying as the life between the hosts and the guests blur to become a new alternate reality.