If you’ve always wanted to explore the secret side to London then this is your chance. Take in the Sights and sounds of one of the most popular cities in the world and find something new and exciting to love each day.

We all know that the city of London is practically one big thriving hotspot with so much to see and do. It’s what lures you to the city and it’s what will keep drawing you back. Take it from us, sometimes it’s all about the best-kept secrets and the city's hidden gems which prove to be the most fun of all...


When it comes to a place that's truly spectacular then look no further than Victoria's latest trendy hot spot, Greenwood.

The gorgeous venue truly is a sight to behold. The décor is quirky yet modern and definitely has a unique advantage over being just another pub.

Not only are they a great place to grab a bite to eat or a cute spot to hang out for drinks but they even have a barbershop for men and an in-house Brow Bar for ladies brows and lashes. After an entire night of painting the town red in true Socialite-style, you still get to leave looking fresh as a daisy.

Embrace London live

Say hello to the Prince Charles Cinema for an experience like no other and it's seriously affordable. I mean where else in the world can you catch a film for under 2 bucks?

Also, if you're anything like us and are one of those people who talk or answer their phone during the film then you'll be relieved to hear it's one of the few cinemas in the world where no one is going to shush you - they encourage "audience participation".

See they even manage to make talking during a film sound cool!

Oh, and did we mention their outrageous signage? Even if you don't go in just have a stroll past the venue. Their advertising creatives scream 9GAG meets Buzz Feed.

Explore street life

London’s Camden Passage street market has been known to hold a bargain or two and you can find anything from pre-loved clothes to valuable antiques, to some of the best street food.

It offers a bit of everything and you can also find some vintage little numbers and antiques.

Indulge in hummus

When it comes to a great flavour you can't go wrong with hummus and the menu at Hummus Bros has flavour aplenty. Legend has it that the Hummus Bros concept was born on a gloriously hot day back in 2003, when two college friends were searching for something filling that would taste great but would still leave you with some change for drinks at the Union Bar.

Once you've ordered you'll soon see that everything comes out looking Insta-read. You can look forward to gigantic big bowls of fresh hummus topped with everything from chicken to falafels and even guacamole.

Have afternoon tea in style

Enter The Secret Tea Room, a place so secret we can only tell you it's based in Soho in a fairly unknown location. It's almost as if they tempt you with its underlying mystery. To find the café you will need to look for a brass plaque with their logo and once you place your trust in the spoon, you'll be treated to the finest selection of tea and cakes as the cool sounds of 40s jazz swings on in the background.

Go on, secret vintage heaven awaits.