David Bowie died last January, but the world does not forget the artist. In the US and UK, New York and London, the capitals of the Rock music, media report tribute nonstop to the White Duke. In Italy they have not forgotten either, Nettarget editions has published "Romantronica", by Guerra R, a futurist contemporary, M. Blinflowers' preface: a literary tribute to Bowie.

David Bowie in Italy

The music magazines have spoken of rock futurist around Bowie. In Italy, from last summer until this November, “David Bowie is”was the major exhibition dedicated to artist Bologna's Mambo, directly from the Victoria & Albert Museum.

It is a multimedia tribute to the British Pop Star, with many exclusive rarities. “Romantronica” is divided into several aphoristic poetic collections, dedicated to some futuristic album and songs of David Bowie: "Space Oddity", "Ziggy Stardust", "Life on Mars", "Station to Station", "1984", "Rebel Rebel", "Heroes", "Blackstar", "Lazarus" and also the cult movie “The Man who fell on Earth”, with Bowie wonderful actor.

In an Italian blog, the futurist Pierluigi Casalino writes: “The poetic tribute to David Bowie was premiered of the “New Renaissance Festival” by Davide Foschi - Centro Leonardo da Vinci (in Italy, Milan), presented to “MAV Festival Records” (Venice) and “Futur 11”, a Futurist meeting (Palermo).

The White Duck and the future

The White Duke loved the Future, Space and electropop music: he was inspired from the Italian Futurism of Marinetti e Boccioni and by Kraftwerk, Germany band fathers of electronic music. Heroes is the album most futuristic of Bowie, recorded with Brian Eno in 1977 under the Berlin Wall. It's again a music symbol for the future and computer age.

"Romantronica", by Guerra, is a tribute to the "big art" futurist of White Duke.

From “Romantronica, poems for David Bowie” (Digital Heroes): Ninna Nanna Robot. Hello David, Hal 9000 said. Leonardo time machine. The baby alien who fell on Earth. Welcome webcam, webcam welcome. We can be heroes, from here to eternity.”