September has been full of new series and returning TV shows. But there is more in store! In October there are a lot of new TV showsthat will star their run in a colder atmosphere, as we are approaching to autumn. The CW, ABC, NBC and HBO will welcome their freshman later that the ordinary premiere week.Let's have a look!

The CW's Frequency and No Tomorrow

The CW will debut its new TV shows in October: on October 4, it's the turn ofNo Tomorrow which is new dramedy written by Scott McCabe and starring Galavant's Joshua Sasse. Airing at 9 after The Flash's season 3, No Tomorrow at least has a chance to survive, but it seems a bit too odd to succeed.

It's still too early to tell. Have a look atNo Tomorrowtrailer:

On October 5, at 9 p.m. after Arrow, Frequency will start its run on the CW. The TV shows will follow the story of the movie which is based on, but it will also delve more on the butterfly effects of it.

HBO is getting ready for its freshman

On sunday October 2, HBO welcomes Westworld! The Jonathan Nolan's Series has been postponed and it finally gets to air. It looks like it will be set in an incredible and crazy setting and the cast is stellarand it includes Academy Awards winnerAnthony Hopkins.

On sunday October 9, at 10p.m Sarah Jessica Parker will return to HBO with the comedy Divorce which is a lot different from Sex and the city and it will be followed by the other HBO comedy Insecure at 10.30.

ABC and NBC try to get ratings bonanza with Timeless and American Housewife

ABC and NBC will debut their strongest TV shows in October On October 11, American Housewife will debut on ABC. It's a comedy that will try to play with the stereotype of the perfect housewife. Have a look at the hilarious trailer of American Housewife:

The Disney network will also welcome Conviction on tuesday October 3, at 10 p.m.

In the same day and at the same hour NBC will air the much anticipatedTimeless after The Voice. Convinction will focus on Hayley Atwell's character Hayes Morrison who is a former first daughter who is obliged to join a peculiar group of lawyers and detectives. Timeless will delve into time travels The team of Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus has to stop a powerful criminal before he changes American History.Have a look at the Timeless trailer:

So many TV shows will debut during this Fall season.

At least we have some time before this whole new bunch starts. Expect TV ratings to have already killed at least some of them, in October. Don't miss the follow up article with the returning TV shows that will start in October and all the news about this first week of the new season .