Walking dead Finally puts an end to the speculation surrounding Judith and her father.

For many episodes the identity of Judith's father in The Walking Dead has been hotly contested from fans, with countless theories flying around the show finally dropped the ultimate bombshell.

How the different theories came about?

You will remember, well if your a fan you will, right at the beginning of The Walking Dead, Rick (played by Andrew lincoln) was in hospital whilst his wife Lori (played by Sarah Wayne Callais), got close to his best friend Shane (played by Jon Bernthal).

They were looking after his son Carl and trying to deal with the start of the zombie apocalypse, and when Lori became pregnant it did seem long after that situation, so that got many fans thinking that maybe Rick was not the father to the baby Judith.

So what's the answer we got?

Well this week saw many things happen, in the episode entitled 'Service', including the return of the vile Negan ( played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). As the group returned to Alexandria, Negan decided to turn up early and commence his intimidation of Rick.

This prompted Rick to have a heart to heart with Michonne (Danai Gurira), He confessed why he lets Negan treat him that way.

Rick wants to stay alive long enough to raise his daughter and protect her long enough for her to be able to protect herself.

Lets face it zombie apocalypse or not is that not what every parent wants?

However Rick confesses he knows Judith is not his and that she is in fact the Daughter of his friend Shane.

Is it true?

Well even though Rick drops the bombshell we have to take his word for it as there is no DNA testing in the zombie apocalypse. However many will take this news as a close to concrete proof that they need.

In terms of the comics or show this is a close to a perfect answer as we can hope.

All we know for sure is why Rick is doing what he is. He wants to raises her in the memory of his wife and best friend, but as his own. Of course a few noteable mentions need to be made here like Lori isnt around to confirm this as she died in childbirth and Shane, well he was killed by Rick, after he became a loose cannon and a danger to the whole group.

So with no let up on the Negan front we have to ask ourselves, now, not just who might be next to meet his baseball bat 'Lucille', but now what will the show have in terms of shocking reveals to push us fans off that edge ofthe seat we have been sat on since season 7 began.