Did you miss Jennifer Winget on your TV Screen? Well, after her beautiful previous performances in Dill Mill Gayye and Sataswatichandra, Jennifer is coming back on the TV, playing the lead role in Beyhadh. The Bollywood TV Series has premiered on 11 October 2016 and the first episode of the Hindi Romantic Thriller Beyhadh has already gained over 2.3 million viewers on YouTube and another big number of fans on Twitter and Facebook!

Jennifer Winget as Maya

The beautiful, beloved actress Jennifer Winget plays the role of Maya, a smart, intelligent woman who leads a successful, popular and trustworthy company - "Fashion in the City".

Responsible, strict and professional, Maya is very serious and bossy in front of her employees. But her past hides a dark side, too, as Maya has a sad history, a problematic dad and a sick mother who made her childhood difficult and let her with serious mental problems that she tries to hide. Yet, she stays up every night, Maya being an insomniac sociopath who wants success and control.

Love story or thriller?

Maya's life changes when Arjun (Kushal Tandon) comes into her life, bringing a good vibe and a joker, irresponsible, childish and funny energy into her life and becoming her smart, full of life boyfriend. So what Jennifer Winget is going to Show us in this TV Series is a beautiful, modern, young woman that has a dark, mysterious, thrilling side which affects her in the present, and another romantic and sweet one!

Sadness, happiness, tears, smiles, fears and love, Jennifer Winget is going to bring Maya's personality to life in front of her fans. What is going to happen next and what surprises the Indian actress is now preparing for her fans, you're going to find out by watching her in her newest appearance in Beyhadh!

Missed her? Take a look at how beautifully she plays her role in the first episodes.

After the sensitive girl she presented in DMG, she is now showing an impressive strong, capable, beautiful and professional woman!

How do you like Jennifer in 2016? Did you see her playing in Beyhadh already?