The Science Behind Humans

Science is a vast field of knowledge one that has been continually developing thanks to advancements in technology. Science is responsible for many enhancements in modern medicine. While it also continues to develop new techniques and new drugs to help people cope with and manage serious illnesses. With all these advancements being developed in science it is no surprise that they are well on their way to developing artificial intelligence that can look, think and feel like their human counterparts. Think of the possibilities that this kind of science can offer.

Think of the dangers if the science is developed further. If scientists do create these AIS that are properly functioning then it is worth asking how will they live and co-exist in our world. Perhaps more importantly how will they co-exist with already living humans.

The TV show Humans

These are the themes that are being explored in the Channel 4 series "Humans" which has recently returned to our TV screens for a second series. Whilst continuing to explore the relationships between humans and Artificial intelligence or #synthetichumans. It goes on to look at the side effects of introducing AI like humans into our world. Within it you can also ponder the idea of creation. These machines didn`t ask to be created and now they are not only having to deal with the consequences of living in our world.

They also have to live with the consequences of being created in the first place. I would go so far as to say that "Humans" is looking into the future into a world where are science is on the road to taking us building machines that are as like humans as they can be. While the science is ground breaking and will allow us to improve the world we live in.

TV Documentary How To Build A Human

"Humans" star Gemma Khan filmed a documentary #HowToBuildAHuman to find out how close scientist's are to making Artificial intelligence a reality. She met scientist's that used science to make her replica robot by making a plaster cast of her face and recording her voice. This was a way to show the audience how close scientist's are to making artificial intelligence a reality.

They tested this by having journalist's and fans talking to the robot and they didn't notice the difference. While Humans is only a science fiction show it is worth noting that the science behind it may one day become a reality.