Meet Mae Holland working in a job that she hates, watching her mother support her father whose health is getting worse every day. As well as coping with rising health bills and having no way to pay them. Mae's friend Annie a high ranking member of The Circle comes up with a solution and gets her a job interview there. #TheCircle is a new age technology company that is continually growing and getting bigger by the day. Through Mae's eyes, we see what The Circle is and what it`s like to work there. The atmosphere emulates the feeling of being on the internet and social media.

Everyone is around and Mae is connected yet she still feels alone. Through Mae, we see that technology can only solve so many problems. It may cure disease and help people stay healthy but it can`t replace the state of human feeling.

The human rights implications

For a company that has the slogan "knowing is good knowing everything is better" there are going to be some questions surrounding Human Rights and the value of human privacy is called into question. The technology in use meant that they could get information on anyone they wanted, as well as also being able to locate anyone they wanted at any given time, Mae takes it further by developing something that allowed the technology to search for people.

The issue with that is not everyone wants to be found and while her idea with the technology works it has a devastating effect on a friend that she finds using this technology. The film highlight the negative impacts it has on humanity as well as the positives.

The technology behind The Circle

The company develops something called a see change camera.

This allows the whole entire human experience to be documented and shared by other people out there in the world, They will see what you are doing every minute and second of the day and they can comment on it. Can you imagine how it must feel to be watched every single day? The company says that by doing this that it makes people accountable for their actions.

It makes sense to say that if you are watched then you behave better. But it doesn't last and Mae confronts the founders by making them accountable by making all their communications public. I suppose when it was all their communications were exposed the founders of The Circle may have changed their minds that knowing everything is good but knowing everything is better. See an all-star cast in this sci-fi thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Look out for #EmmaWatson as the title character, while Karen Gillian plays her friend Annie, While Tom Hanks plays one fo the founders of the company.