First test with the version offered to developers

With competition from the world of Microsoft, Sony, and Google,Applewants with this new operating system for Mac, to facilitate interaction with the iPhone and its watches. That is the whole purpose of MacOS Sierra, the new engine of its computers, which will be available in final form in the fall.

With this new engine, it will be possible to experience Apple Pay, which will be available this summer in France, from a Mac. This payment system, which relies on partnerships with banks, is now accepted in some 10,000 locations worldwide.

Apple Pay is now tackling e-commerce. The Cupertino company promises not to store user purchase history.

The artificial intelligenceSiri has so far only on mobile, appears on the computer. It is for example, possible to ask the score of a match, weather, adding a date on a calendar, a route on maps, or call a contact via Facetime. Finally, it is possible to refine these requests.The clipboard feature allows you to easily send files from mobile (provided that it be given the iOS10 operating system), or between two computers running MacOS Sierra. In fact, the content is stored once on iCloud before being redistributed on the second terminal.The new messaging lets you send emoji (motion pictures) three times larger than those that existed before.

It is also possible to sort messages using the bubbles.The labeling of photos:the "Faces and Places" application lets you sort photos by faces and places where they are taken.Eventually the computer should recognize your presence through the AppleWatch. In short, this feature called "Unlock" does not require a password.

Overall impression: beautiful upmarket which especially impresses with the more playful messaging.

To stay in fashion, Apple must adapt to two fundamental changes: the migration to mobile, where an ever increasing exchange between the computer and the phone, and the generational gap. Apple must now appeal to enthusiasts ofSnapchat and other new apps.