Rodwell has been digging around and Pat Phelan will be furious that his plans will be set to collapse. Michael is now certain that their property development scheme is a scam, as he's overhead Phelan on the phone - discussing his and Vinny's trip to South America. It looks as if Eileen will play a part in catching Phelan playing his game. She's picked up on her partner's secrecy just in time.

Covering tracks

Michael visits the building site and tells Eileen that nobody is there before repeating what he had heard Pat say on the phone. Eileen later confronts Phelan, unaware that Faye Windass has taken his phone, he desperately tries to cover his tracks.

Later on, Michael can't hold his nerve as Pat continues to feign ignorance and tells him that he knows what he's hiding and tells Eileen to check his bag while they're in the pub.

Phelan, somehow, manages to get clear without anybody suspecting he's a criminal but he knows that Michael will eventually be able to bring his shady behaviour into the light. Anna then finds a message on the phone that Faye swiped and Michael sees this as a golden opportunity to bring justice to Pat.

Brimming with suspense

In a scene brimming with suspense, Michael breaks into the building site to find Pat's fake passport - which pretty much provides the proof that he would need to convince his neighbours that he's a dodgy man.

But, unfortunately for Michael, Phelan catches him in the act! He's holding a crossbar in a leaked scene, in which he tells Michael that he will "make it quick".

Check out the video below to see Michael telling Anna about the thing's he's found out about Phelan:

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Speaking about what happens between the two adversaries, actor Les Dennis said recently: "Working with Connor McIntyre is always fantastic - the intensity he brings to this sort of scene is brilliant. "We're great mates off screen, but once I'm squaring up to him as Phelan, it's a different story. I can't go into the detail of what happens in the scene, but it's very dramatic."