Everyone and their mother was shocked by the recent Angelina and Brad Pitt divorce announcement. Many saw them as the perfect couple, after 12 years together and 6 children between them, it was nothing short of shocking to hear of their divorce after only 2 years of marriage. Some on the other hand would claim that the end of their marriage was not truly that shocking, in fact they would say it was to be expected.

The background

Following the 2004 movie, Mr and Mrs Smith, Pitt and Jolie announced that they had fallen in love with each otherwhilst Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

In January 2005, Aniston and Pitt separated and Aniston filed fordivorce in March. Only a few months after the split, in June, Pitt and Jolie were featured in an extensive spread in W magazine, where they were depicted as a couple. This of course caused controversy as the pictures had been taken in March, barely 2 months after Pitt's separation from Aniston. This coupled with Brad's filing for legal parenthood of Angelina's children was deemed by many as a slap in JenniferAniston's face.

Whilst it is true that they may have genuinely fallen in love and were meant for each other, the start of their relationship was undeniably a little tactless. The fact that the relationship was not only started through infidelity but also broad-casted and publicized in such a grandway caused many to speculate that it could not end well.

The phrase 'Youlose them how you get them' could be applied to Brangelina if the alleged rumorsregarding Brad Pitt and his french co-star, Marion Cotillard are true.

Not unexpected?

Whether it was the alleged affair; parenting differences, his alleged party boy lifestyle or her determination to pursue a more humanitarian lifestyle, the reason for the breakdown of the marriage has not been confirmed.

Some would argue that with such a dramatic and questionable beginning, it was bound to end less than peacefully.

Whilst the dissolution of a marriage is sad regardless of the circumstances, it is unavoidable to question whether the Laws of Karma or the Law of Attraction ultimatelymeant the relationship could not stand the test of time.

It is possible to argue though that a 12 year relationship is still a success despite its ending.

What do you think? Do you think the way they got together evoked a bad omen on their relationship? Or do you think irrespective of their start, it could still have been successful. Comment down your views below.