Black Mirror is one of the best TV series of this decade. With only seven episodes, the TV show has changed the Television's narrative. As a modern "The Twilight Zone", the TV Seriestells dystopian stories about the consequences of every form of radicalisms.

Season 1 & 2

The first season started with an episode which is focused on the British prime minister who is blackmailed and oblieged to have sex with a pig. Various famous actors joined the cast for just an installment: how can you forget the heartbreaking Hayley Atwell's episode, or the gamechanging Jon Hamm's special Christmas outing?

Cast and Spoilers

Season 3 will not be an exclusive production of Channel 4. In June 2015, #Netflix announced that they have acquired the rights to produce a "super sized" third season. Black Mirror 3 will consist of six episodes, instead of the canonical three. The online platformhas ordered 12 episodes, and the first six will be released on October, 21st. We still don't know if the second half will be part of season 4 or will continue the current upcoming season. Charlie Brooker has written all these latest episodes. The creator has been really positive about Netflix's acquisition: he believes that Netflix will give to his showthe chance to connect with a global audience, and the freedom to deal with even more edgier themes.

There will be lots of new guest stars including Jurassic World's Bryce Dallas Howard, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Halt and Catch Fire's Mackenzie Davis, Faye Marsay, James Norton and many more. Thrilling directors have taken part as well: James Hawes, "Atonement"'s Joe Writght, Jakob Verbruggen and Dan Trachtenberg havedirected one of the six new episodes.

At the moment we know that an episode, 'Nosedive' will consist of a social satire about identity in an social media age, and 'Playtest' will involve a videogames' world. There will be also space for a dystopian dimensionstuck in a new World War.

Black Mirror 3 Trailer

Have a look at the first trailer of this anticipated new season:

Netflix is on fire.

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