Who is Megan McKenna? If you've never heard of her before, take it from us, SHE'S AWESOME!

The Essex-born 24 year old has had her fair share of screen time and dramas that could last us all an entire lifetime. So, where do we start? Let me start with something you really didn't know about her...

Before she appeared as the super opinionated and say-it-how-it-is girl, you may not have known that she had previously first shot to our screens on Britain's Got Talent in 2009. Showing off her impressive vocal skills along with her pal she reached the semi-finals of the third series as part of her music duo, Harmony.

Without further ado, here I round up 5 best reasons why we've fallen for the Megan McKenna charm and reliveher best moments throughout her TV career so far...

Fiery meltdownson Ex On The Beach

MTV's Ex On The Beach wouldn't work without the Megan McKenna showdowns, right? As we all may have seen, Megan wasn't the type to give up a fight that easily as she was most known forlosing her ragwhich kept us hooked throughout the entireshow of series 3 & 4.It wasn't all the fiery antics, who couldn't forget the hilarious one-liner 'it's a mother-f**king crown b**ch' as she lives up to her deserving crown for most being the most entertaining. If only we could actually give her an award for best performances, we certainlywould!

Shocking Celebrity Big Brother rants

Who watched Celebrity Big Brotherat the start of this year? You either loved her or hated her, she proved that being TV gold is really an actual thing. From her foul-mouthed rants to fiery temper, who couldn't forget the time security stepped in after a massive row broke loose between Megan and her fellow housemate John Partridge following the failure of a task.

Mashed potato even became a trigger to a meltdown over a task where housemates were forced to liveoff spam and mashed potatoes. Megan McKenna could easily give Nikki Graham a run for her money that's for sure. It wasn't enough to steal the crown from Geordie Shore's Scotty T, although she did enough to remain one of the most memorable celebrity housemates of all-time.

Explosive TOWIE entrance

Who'd of known that Megan McKenna could land herself a spot on one of the most popular ITVreality shows. If Ex On The Beach wasn't enough, we finally got to see the more softer side to Megan, the real Megan McKenna. Making her first debut this yearon the the ITVBe reality series' 200th episode, it was enough to land her a permanent spot on the show after making astrikingimpression in the first episode after the whole castcame to blows when Danielle Armstrong confronted Megan's pal Courtney Green about flirting with her ex-boyfriend.

Of course the Megan McKenna show didn't stop there as we saw the fallout of Megan and Chloe Lewis after she was plagued by rumours she was sleeping with Jake Hall.

In recent weeks we've seen the fall of Megan and Pete Wicks after their relationship took a turn for the worse as rumours surfaced that Pete was sexting his exgirlfriend.

Hilarious one-liners

Not one to mince her words, we've heard a million hilarious one-liners to come out of her mouth. From her TOWIE scenes to Ex On The Beach dramas, this is why we love the rise of Megan McKenna. "Do you want to get some straighteners on that hair of yours because you look like a f**king lion was one of her most memorable phrases on series 4 of Ex On The Beach as she fell-out with the majority of her co-stars. Another one of her famous TOWIE phrases was "you and your fringe can f**k off as co-star Lydia Bright faced the warpath of Megan and her anger.

So there you have it... This is why we can never get enough of Megan McKenna. Her shocking rants and hilarious one-liners has proven to be her best moments yet of all-time.

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