As much as I hate to admit it, I am an avid 'Love Island' viewer. Every night, 9 o'clock, you will find me sitting in front of my Television eagerly awaiting my next dose of gossip and drama from the reality show. Recently though, I've started to consider what 'Love Island' is actually demonstrating about the rather misogynistic world which we live in. When former contestant, Zara Holland, had sex in the villa it was followed by chaos both on the island and in the viewers' living rooms. Now, having sex on television is definitely not for everyone, however, what many seemed to ignore was the fact that there were two people involved.

Alex Bowen, who is now partnered up with Olivia in the villa, got off lightly, even getting congratulated by the boys. Zara, on the other hand, was judged and humiliated by her fellow islanders. Already the message going out to those watching the show is a negative one.

No more 'Miss GB'

In a following episode, when Zara Holland was stripped of her 'Miss Great Britain' title due to the incident, I admit my heart broke for her. Sure, people don't all have sex on national television but, the truth is, we all enjoy sex whether we are male or female. To take her title off of her and claim that she is no longer a positive role model only reinforced the negative connotations that already surround women and sex.

If both partners are consenting then there is nothing shameful about sex, yet this is not the message that has been promoted. Instead, what has been promoted is that it is perfectly acceptable for males to have sex with whoever they like, whereas this is not the case for women.

Women like having sex!

This hypocrisy has continued since this event, as males of the house who are having sex are being referred to as 'Lads', whereas the females are being shunned and looked down on for their actions.

The fact is, women like having sex! Sex is not something that is only there for males, it is for both partners to enjoy. What people do with their bodies is down to them and does not make them any less of a respectable person.

Despite this, I continue to watch the show. The show itself, in my opinion, is not where the problems lie.

It does, however, bring to the surface some deeply engrained issues with our Society. 'Love Island is simply a microcosm of a macrocosmic, patriarchal society. The whole concept of 'Love Island' is, I appreciate, a questionable one which not everyone approves of or enjoys. However, it is our mindsets that need to change as society's approach to female sexuality is one that is, quite frankly, outdated and prejudicial towards women.