Having only aired last Wednesday, October 12th on ITVBE, Sam Faiers The "Mummy Diaries" is slowly becoming one of my favorite TV shows to watch and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Having watched the previous 1 time special "The Baby Diaries" in which #ITVBE followed Sam and her partner Paul Knightleythrough pretty much the whole of her pregnancy, it was safe to say I was incredibly excited about the new show that was advertised to be airing this October when I first saw it and I don't think I was the only one.

The Baby Diaries

After the airing of "The Baby Diaries" however, I did see a lot of criticism floating around on the internet with regards to Sam's current partner Paul.

The main thing people picked up on was his closeness to his mum which people seemed to find weird.

Following up on the many tweets like this the pair said in the first episode of "The Mummy Diaries" that they basically "laughed it off" which is possibly the best thing they could have done, for everyone will have an opinion on something and it just so happens that this was something people decided to pick on. This seemsto be fairly petty, as the whole idea of the show was to capture the starting of a new family and a beautiful little man being born, not the main thing everyone appeared to take from it.

The Mummy Diaries

But again, it would appear the pair couldn't catch a break yet again in this weeks episode on "Mummy Diaires" after were accused of their relationship not being all it seems?

People seem to be massively misinterpreting this couple as a whole all the time.

What people may also forget is shows can and are, unfortunately - it would seem for Sam and Paul - edited to look and come across in a certain way for entertainment value. So not everything is how it seems regards to how things are actually represented on TV.

Added to that, these two do have a life off of camera and if it was not working in anyway shape or form they would not have a child and still be together and they would have never gone into things that quickly.

It is clear they both love one another by the way they actually look at each other and a look says it all. So should perhaps people should just slightly, ease off of withregards to the pair's relationship and again, focus on the aim of the actual show.

Sams views on breast feeding and motherhood

To continue to defend and praise Sam in this article - Sam has slipped into motherhood incredibly well. She has taken to it like a duck takes to water (as the saying goes) and in my opinion the show shows this incredibly well. It is evidently clear she loves baby Paul and who wouldn't? He is actually adorable. And it is definitely clear that Sam is also taking very well to breast feeding as quite a few people would have seen if they tuned into "This Morning" recently:

So there you have it!

It's probably safe to say that Sam just gets on with motherhood the way any mother should, even while being in the public eye. Viewers can catch up with the 2 previous episodes on iPlayer and bywatching this TV Show! Tune in on ITVBE at 9pm GMT every Wednesday for "The Mummy Diaries. "