CW's The Vampire Diaries and The Originalsmoves to Friday. That's a huge move for both of the shows.

Since its premiere, back in 2009, The Vampire Diaries was always scheduled for Thursdays. That explains why the fans are concerned about the future of their favorite show. After Nina Dobrev left the cast, the show's been into some drastic changes, the cast, and of course in plot. From a love triangle, it became the story of a gang of lunatic heretics (witches and vampires) and some parts are quite "inspired" from the known TVShows Supernatural.

Rumor has it that TVD is going to end after this season.

But after all, the twisting and this schedule change, it looks like the shows are shaking. The ratings dropped, mostly because fans didn't want to watch TVD without Elena, the show was practically built on Elena's life. Putting her in a coffin for no one knows how much time, didn't thrill the fans hearts and it looks like the brotherly love appeared too late in the show to be the center love.

Fans expressed their concerns on Twitter, most of them are afraid that this move means TVD is done. They're statement practically says that CW is moving to Fridays only their dying shows. Of course, they assume it's Nina Dobrev impact in the middle of everything but seeing your favorite TV Show on a possible collapse is not good news.

Julie Plec must work a lot on the plot to please the fans. It must be hard with all that pressure on her. While the cast is struggling with lots of hate from unpleasant fans, Nina Dobrev seems to enjoy her nonvampire life. She filled her Instagram account with photos from her trips, from adventures, events and she loves cooking for friends!

It seems she couldn't cook for Salvatore brothers.

This Friday The Vampire Diaries returns and they have a lot of answers to give us. In the sneak-peak of the new episode, it looks like Damon has been dead for months. Where was he? Was he in hell? Will Jullian be finally killed off? Bonnie and Enzo are finally a thing? Will Steroline ever happen for real?

And how is Caroline/Candice pregnancy's doing? Lots of questions worried fans and a hot Damon Salvatore back from the dead! Make sure you watch the newest episode this Friday and right after the episode you'll find a bright review right here, on BlastingNews UK!