It's a product that is synonymous with The Simpsons' cartoons on Television but now it appears that Duff Beer is to also be made available to the general public in real life in the future. 21st Century Fox have announced their plans for fans to be able to sample the delights of Homer Simpson's alcoholic beverage of choice. An initial roll out will be made in Chile later this week, with sales outlets in additional countries in South America and also across Europe expected to feature the product on their shelves in 2016.

Theme park availability

It is not the first time that the product will have been available to the public, but previous sales of the Duff brand of beer have only been made at theme parks.

Fox have decided to venture into the commercial market at this time as a response to the "bootleg" market that is already in operation, acting to counter the unofficial products currently being sold outside of their control.

Response to unofficial products

The president of the company's consumer products division, Jeffrey Godsick, explained their thinking to the Wall Street Journal earlier this week. Mr Godsick commented that when faced with "piracy" you basically have two choices open to you as a response: "One is deciding to fight it and the other is deciding to go out with it" (as in to enter the market yourself).

Special recipe

Mr Godsick was clearly expecting the bona fide Duff Beer to meet with the approval of the target market and the fans who will no doubt be keen to taste it.

He outlined that a special recipe had been adopted for the beer and that it is "a premium lager" with a balance of both refreshment and flavour. As if to tempt the undecided to try it when it hits the shelves, he added that the drink has a "hint of fruit" and a "caramel aromatic" to it. Enough for Homer to begin his trademark salivations no doubt in anticipation!

Global expansion possible

Depending on how the initial sales progress, Fox are clearly hoping that the success of the brand expands globally in due course. Mr Godsick is unequivocal in his support for the product, suggesting that "there's potential to have Duff (sold) everywhere in the world."

Homer Simpson and the rest of the regulars at Moe's Tavern would no doubt raise their glasses in anticipation of that possibility.