The Flash and Arrow were both part of 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Greg Berlanti (Legends of Tomorrow) and the cast talked about The Flash season 2 spoilers. The creator hinted that the story will start a few months after the events of the season finale. The characters will have to deal with the catastrophic events of the season finale. Barry is going to live a situation full of tension and he will deal with the consequences of Eddie's heroic acts. He will be struggling with his role as a hero, after Cisco saved everyone.

At the panel was also announced that season 2 villain will be DC's Comics character Zoom.

Barry will have to struggle in order to catch a much faster enemy than Reverse-Flash. Iris will be part of the team. She will be its heart while Cisco and Caitilin will help with the scientific and technological factors. We will also see Grood again. Moreover there have been casting news about Barry's new love interest: Patty Spivot played by the actress Shantel VanSanten.

Arrow's panel opened with an exciting vibe: Stephen Amell was dressed as the Arrow and he showed the audience season 4 new suit (he is the best!). This is the first signal of Arrow transformation: Oliver is going to take a step towards the progression from Arrow to Green Arrow. He will get to a new heroic level. Arrow season 4 will also have a bit more humor and fun in it.

Season 3 ended on a positive note with Oliver and Felicity leaving together Starling City. As executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg said the main character is finally in a good place, so he is finally free to be happy and in love.

Diggle will get a costume as well and Malcolm will be back in episode 3. Geoff Johns teased that along with Damien Darhk, we will get new DC's characters as well.

Anarky and Mister Terrific will be part of season 4. Anarky is familiar to the Batman Comics' fans and Felicity's friend Mister Terrific will be the first gay character of the show.

DC's CW's tv series are on fire right now. Are you more excited about The Flash season 2 or Arrow season 4 ?