Sherlock is part of 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. The TV Series, movies and comics convention included a panel featuring fan-favourite detective of Baker Street. Unfortunately Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman or Mark Gatiss couldn't attend the panel, probably because of other movies related commitments. In fact the creator writer Steven Moffat, the producer Sue Vertue and Lestrade's Rupert Graves were the only source of news for the fans.

The upcoming special will feature a new setting in time: the story will take place in the Victorian Era! Sherlock will get a classic-related adaptation, just for the special episode of Christmas.

In fact a clip was shown to the audience, and it is now available online. It is shown that Sherlock and Watson arrive to Baker Street in a snowy day. Carriages are all over the street. At the 221/B there is a landlady dressed with the typical Victorian clothes and she welcomes a classic Conan Doyle's deerstalkerhat Sherlock with a curved pipe and Martin Freeman's Watson with special moustache.

According to what Moffat said at the panel, the special Victorian episode of Sherlock will be shown worldwide in selected theatres around the time of its TV airing. BBC is finally proud of its bold and daring Arthur Conan Doyle's adaptation. What can we expect from the episode? The most important element of this equation is the word "ghosts", which is mentioned by Moffat stating that maybe we can deconstruct the whole thing from that.

It seems also that the story will be connected with the book "The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle". We will also watch a technologyless Sherlock. Without computer and iPhones, as Moffat says he will have to think, think, think. The show will also keep its sense of humour in a "correct" era. Sherlock will also deal with the sexism and the other social problems of the period.

Sherlock Season 4 is already planned and Moffat advises us about the emotional turmoil we are going to live: never-stop-crying cliffhangers will be part of the new season as well. There is no rest for the Sherlockians. Sherlock's season 4 will start next Spring, in 2016. We just can't wait.