Audience waiting for Akshay Kumar’s Singh is Bliing will be glad to know that the movie will offer a true flavour of rural Punjab. True to his form, Akshay is ready to take his fans on a ride to beautiful villages of Punjab as he plays a true-blue Sikh. Shot in Patiala, the movie is a funny take on the misadventures in the life of a simpleton village boy who loves everything glittering and jazzy. After the hit Singh is King, this is the second time that Akshay will don a turban to play a Sardar. He played a Sikh cricketer in Patiala House, but had not sported a turban.

According to the members of the film crew, Akshay has gone an extra mile to step into the shoes of a sikh. The movie was shot in the villages near Patiala, thus, Akshay learnt bhangra from the original dancers in the villages. Several real Bhangra and Giddha dancers from the villages of Punjab were featured in the new song ‘Tung Tung Baje’, which was released recently along with Brothers, another new film starring Akshay with Siddharth Malhotra.

For a sequence, Akshay recently shot at a Gurudwara and he was so moved with the activities there that he decided to be a part of volunteers. The script for the scene was to offer seva (which means offering services) in the Gurudwara. Akshay willingly took up polishing the boots of devotees in the scene.

Not many people know that Akshay is actively involved in philanthropy and while shooting got involved in a charity work at the gurudwara. He decided to devote some more time to kar seva by helping the devotees.

“He was so touched while shooting the scene, that after wrapping up the shoot, he decided to take some time off and went there again to help the little kid to polish the shoes.

He wanted to offer seva in a Gurudwara for a long time, but due to his hectic schedule he wasn’t able to do so,” said a member of crew. “He was happy that during the shooting, he got to spend some time in the Gurudwara,” added the crew member. The movie is all set to release on October 2, 2015.