'Kindergarten Cop' is an American comedy film about a tough police detective, who must go undercover and pose as a kindergarten teacher to catch a drug dealer, before he can get to his ex-wife and son.

The movie was released in 1990 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the police officer John Kimble, who along the way discovers his passion for teaching and meets Joyce Palmieri (played by Penelope Ann Miller), the teacher who becomes his love interest.

'Kindergarten Cop' received mixed reviews (it is ranked as 51% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.0 on IMDB), but became a box office hit nonetheless, as the movie grossed for more than $200 million worldwide, albeit its mere $15 million production cost.

News broke a few days ago that a remake of the movie is in the works, and most likely will be released as a home video. This seems all but confirmed since the new film is produced by Universal's 1440 division, which specializes in direct-to-video sequels and remakes of old movies.

The new 'Kindergarten Cop' will feature the police detective with a Native American sidekick named Sanjit. They will be looking for a flash drive stolen from the Federal Witness Protection Program, which somehow made its way into a kindergarten. There will be a beautiful teacher in play as well as a lot of Albanian bad guys looking for trouble.

The movie will be directed by Don Michael Paul (mostly known for 'Jarhead 2: Field of Fire'), while David H.

Steinberg ('American Pie 2') will be responsible for the script. No casting has been announced yet, but it is unlikely that Arnold Schwarzenegger would reprise his role.

The remake is definitely happening, and there is even talk that the story could be extended into a Kindergarten Cop Television show.

The 'Kindergarten Cop' is another movie from Arnie which will see a remake happening, recently it was announced that the classic 'Legend of Conan' will receive its own sequel and let's not forget that 'Terminator: Genisys', the franchise's upcoming fifth installment will have Arnold Schwarzenegger back as the beloved killer robot as well.