It's not a big surprise that after the Mad Max reboot's recent box office success Hollywood seems to be ready to return to the action tropes of the 80s. Mad Max: Fury Road's sequel has already been confirmed, and let's not forget that in a couple of weeks we get the chance to watch the quasi- reboot/remake of the Terminator franchise as well.

Terminator: Genisys, the franchise's upcoming fifth installment will have Arnold Schwarzenegger back as the beloved killer robot, who will assist Emilia Clarke's Sarah Connor and Jai Courtney's Kyle Reese to stop the oncoming apocalypse of the future.

Genisys' trailers have already shown that the creators are planning to reboot the whole universe with a timeline change and younger actors, that worked so well for J. J. Abrams in the latest Star Trek movies. Whether the Terminator franchise can be saved the same way, remains in question.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shouldn't worry too much about his status in Terminator since another franchise plans to re-use him in an upcoming sequel. Back in 1982 Conan, the Barbarian was Schwarzenegger's debut in an American movie, and his big, visible muscles made him an instant fan favorite in the sword and sorcery genre. Although Conan the Barbarian had a remake in 2011 with Jason Momoa, that didn't have the financial and critical success as Lionsgate had planned.

Hence, they kicked out Momoa from the franchise and invited back Mr. Schwarzenegger from his exile, to once again wield his great sword as the mighty barbarian.

The Legend of Conan will be a continuation of the very first movie's story from 1982. 30 years has flown by since, and Conan has already much in his resume: thief, warrior, pirate, king, legend.

But in the sequel he has to face the greatest challenge of his life: he has grown old.

Although the movie hasn't received the green lights, the Film's producer, Frank Malmberg, and its screenwriter, Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious movies, Wanted) both believe that the sequel will live up to the expectations. They also warn the audience that Legend of Conan will be full of action with blood and ruthlessness involved.

After watching Mad Max: Fury Road, an action packed sword and sorcery movie about Conan the Barbarian could have the same success if it remains rated R, like George Miller's sequel. Especially if it features some old characters from the original movie. Mr. Schwarzenegger is surely to appear on the screen, but Mr. Morgan also mentioned that at least three more characters could make their return to the Hyborian Age.

Production may begin this fall, but an official release date hasn't been announced yet.