Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back on screen for his fans in his most loved makeover as an intuitive robot in his forthcoming Film Terminator Genisys. The first poster of the film with all flame filled Arnie's face, was released amidst crazy response from the anxious fans. The craze among loyal Terminator fans has confirmed that Arnie stardom is nowhere close to fading.

Directed by Alan Taylor, the 5th instalment of the Terminator franchise revolves around the robot that is sent from the future. The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the task of the robot is to raise a young Sarah and warn her of the impending robot apocalypse.

Schwarzenegger, who is associated with the Terminator franchise for the last three decades, calls the Terminator series as an important part of his life and confirmed that Terminator Genisys will raise the benchmark as it has some amazing visual effects.

Talking about the film, at recently aired The Late Night Show with James Corden, Arnold had revealed how he got associated with the first Terminator, back in 1984. Back then, he had never imagined that the film will create a landmark in the history of Cinema and will be one of the biggest grosser.

The look and overall format of the film has undergone remarkable change, over the last three decades, said Arnold in the interview to Corden.

Arnold plays the Guardian in the film and promises to offer some mind-boggling sequences in his upcoming sci-fi, which is slated for a release in July 2015.

The plot of the film reveals that Sarah Connor will meet her grown-up son in the upcoming franchise while the fans will be able to see a fight between a 67-year-old Arnold and the young body the audience met in James Cameron's first Terminator movie.

Going by the poster, fans are presuming that the retro vibes emitted in the film will take the audience to a trip back to the franchise's beginning. It is believed that the film will have fusion from the first Terminator, which will elevate the drama.

The film also stars Jason Clarke, Matt Smith, Byung-Hun Lee and JK Simmons among others. Presented by Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions, the film is one of the most talked about upcoming motion pictures.