Sony Pictures aren't waiting for Michael Bay forever, especially after he landed another sci-fi project, Time Salvager, that could not only delay Transformers 5, but also Bad Boys 3. Michael Bay's illustrious career started off with the Bad Boys franchise, having directed the first two installments in 1995 and 2003. One of the stars of the franchise, Martin Lawrence, has said multiple times that he is back on board for a third movie and Sony believes it's due time to make it happen.

Time is really of the essence to make Bad Boys 3 happen because Will Smith is currently working on the Suicide Squad, a Film in the DC Cinematic Universe, that features mostly villains teaming up to stop the oncoming threat against the human race.

Sony Pictures wants production to begin right after Will Smith finishes his current project, to make it possible to release the movie late next year. Knowing that Mr. Smith is currently one of the busiest actors around, Sony's chances would be limited if they wanted to revisit the franchise in the near future.

Since the director Michael Bay is almost out of the picture, Sony reached out to Joe Carnahan, to overlook the script that is already in place. But the big news is that Mr. Carnahan might not only rewrite the script but also direct the film. Carnahan has enough experience in the action genre to be a successful heir to Michael Bay: he directed the remake of The A-Team (2010) and subsequently the critically praised low-budget movie The Grey (2011), with Liam Neeson as the main lead.

Lately he's been directing episodes for TV-shows, State of Affairs and Blacklist.

If all goes well, this could be Mr. Carnahan's chance to get back into the big blockbusters but there are many 'ifs' involved - whether Michael Bay changes his heart and decides on a homecoming to the franchise that started off his career and whether Mr.

Smith is available for the production. It shouldn't be forgotten that he has already declined appearing on a sequel to one of his most popular movies from the 90s, Independence Day.

One thing is sure: Martin Lawrence and Sony are ready and comitted to finishing the trilogy that most action movie fans are waiting for. This fact alone could convince Mr. Smith to return as Detective Mike Lowrey after having successfuly reprised his role as Agent J in Men In Black 3 (2012).