As we have already covered previously, Akiva Goldsman has been working to expand the Transformers franchise, trying to create a cinematic universe similar to Marvel's highly sucessful and lucrative one. A prequel about the Transfomers homeworld, Cybertron, is an option that may be explored in the project currently under the name Transformers One, but a solo Film about Bumblebee, the cute and funny autobot from the current installments, is also a possibility.

However, as of now Paramount is eagerly waiting for Michael Bay, the director of every movie in the franchise, to finish his ongoing project, 13 Hours.

It's clear, that Mr. Bay really knows how to handle blockbusters and Paramount doesn't want to continue the main storyline without the studio's number one moneymaker.

With the recent news that Mr. Bay got hired to direct another sci-fi movie, Time Salvager, Paramount may need to wait longer than expected, although it's still not known exactly what project Michael Bay will work on first after finishing 13 Hours. On his to-do list is also Bad Boys 3, the buddy action movie, featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, still waiting on the director to be made.

Time Salvager will be an adaptation of the book with the same title, by Wesley Chu, that hasn't even hit the bookshelves yet. The book will come out on July 7th and the story looks interesting.

Set in the future, humanity has left the Earth and colonized stars but even that couldn't stop the human race's demise. Than enters James Griffin-Mars, a convicted criminal, that goes back in time, to delay the end of humanity. During his mission he gets to know Elise Kim, a scientist from a previous century, who he saves from death, setting into motion a whole load of trouble for everyone.

Michael Bay will be joined by his trusted companions, producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian, to make the movie. Mr. Bay has said, recently, that he would like to try new directions so it's possible that the director will try to squeeze either Bad Boys 3 or Time Salvager into his schedule, before returning to shoot Transformers 5. Of course, Paramount would have a word or two to say about a decision like that.