These days the fans could see the last episode from season 6 of one of the most famous TV series ever created, The Vampire Diaries. The teenage drama transformed quickly into a worldwide known TV series with millions of fans because of its unique plot.

The producers not only managed to "get rid" of Nina Dobrev in a smooth way, but they've found a way of pleasing everyone. If you haven't watched the last episode you should do it now because this article contains spoilers!

The bad guy Kai, came at Jo and Alaric's wedding and killed every member of the Gemini Coven.

Kai is not only a sociopath, he is a smart villain. Before he showed up at the wedding to destroy everyone, he made an agreement with mama Salvatore, Lily, so he promised her that she gets to see her precious family of heretics in exchange for her blood. This way, Kai couldn't die …or at least that's what he thought. He killed himself so this way the Gemini Coven will die one by one, but he will revive because of the vampire blood and become a new heretic.

The last episode wasn't just filled with the loss of a big number of cast members, but with some plot twists that melted the hearts of the fans. Kai linked Bonnie and Elena with a spell, which means they can't both live, so the only way Elena would wake up from her coma would be to kill Bonnie.

What did Damon do? Without a blink of an eye, he ripped Kai head's off, choosing to have Bonnie live. The selfish Salvatore brother, Damon, chose Bonnie's life instead of bringing back her human girlfriend and living their beautiful life together until they age.

Elena Gilbert got to say goodbye to everyone and it was full of tears.

Almost every fan shared that they needed lots of tissues and even if the ending was a sweet one, they couldn't bear the sadness. Julie Plec made the ending a masterpiece, the big sacrifice that everyone made is impressive. Quoting by Elena Gilbert while she said goodbye to her beloved friend: " Bonnie Bennett. You have spent your entire life making sacrifices for me.

Now it's my turn to do it for you. " That was heartbreaking because when Elena will come back Bonnie would be dead, and those best friends couldn't see each other living a happy and normal human life. Even if for the first time, Elena Gilbert is not any longer in the centre of attention, as CW already announced season 7 to be launched in October this year. Also, Julie said that the next season will end in a way that will make everyone want an eight season. Yay for that!

We may not have the hot villain Kai any more in the show, but now we can enjoy the bromance between the Salvatore Brothers. The heretics will take over the town and will remind us of the chaos The Originals made in Mystic Falls seasons ago.

New cast members, new plot twists and a hope to see Nina Dobrev coming back in the last episode ever to spend a beautiful human life with Damon.

While Elena is gone and hiding in a coffin, even if it sounds morbid, we'll have a lot of fun, because the season 1 Damon will come back. Even if he made the choice of letting Bonnie live, we all know how much he loves Elena and how destroyed he will be. His bad temper will come back to delight us in season 7.

As for the shippers, not only Bonkai is not going to happen, but even the Bamon shippers will have to find another pair to ship. The friendship between Damon and Bonnie will grow and the goodbye to Elena was also a goodbye to Stelena, Delena (for some years), Bamon, Bonkai and the slight hope that Steroline will finally become real.

It may seem that season 6 was maybe too sad to handle, but season 7 promises to be awesome. The last episode ended with Mystic Falls destroyed and a bad but also sexy gaze from Ian Somerhalder which could mean just one thing: the Damon that we all love is back! Stay tuned and wait for the next season because the show is finally on the path that was designed for - the story of the Salvatore brothers.