During the recent visit of EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier to the UK Messers Corbyn and Starmer also met him. In conversations with Mr Barnier and other EU diplomats, Mr Corbyn apparently told him things would be different if he were Prime Minister negotiating the UK's exit from the EU.

For one he would be willing to stay in the Customs Union and would be willing for the UK to obey any ruling of the European Court of Justice. These talks were apparently secret but now have seen the light of the day thanks to reporting on Russia's RT.

For those who hoped that Mr Corbyn would be willing to allow a second referendum, however, there is no chance of that.

Jezza is totally behind the UK leaving the EU by 2019 in line with the ruling Conservative administration.

Tories ahead?

According to 'This Week' hosted by Andrew Neil the Conservatives have pulled ahead of Labour in one poll. However, this may give the Maybot some hope but her woes continue on the cabinet front. Before Jeremy Corbyn's meeting with Michel Barnier was announced by RT Mrs May held a meeting with her cabinet. This was a day at the Prime Ministers official country retreat to knock cabinet heads together. To bring as it were a consensus of opinion from the differing factions in her cabinet on Brexit and other issues.

Apparently, though no real meeting of minds came to be and the all-day rendezvous was a waste of time.

Mrs May knows that a successful Brexit for the UK is important, possibly a make or break for her. It seems everything is being thrown at her by enemies and fellow Conservatives alike but she doggedly sticks in there.

The EU has always been since the time of Margaret Thatcher an issue which divided the Conservatives. Those who were pro-EU and the so-called Eurosceptics.

Now with Britain on the verge of leaving the trading bloc this issue is haunting the Conservative party again.

Anna Soubry: 'Sling 'em out'!

Ex-cabinet minister Anna Soubry appearing on 'This Week' reiterated her mantra of telling Theresa May to sling out rebel Tories. When Andrew Neil questioned her she explained her reason for making the "Sling 'em out statement".

She said there were 35 Tory MP's who were responsible for bringing down John Major and David Cameron. She was worried that these unnamed rebels were willing to bring down Theresa May too.

Andrew Neil put it to Anna Soubry that if Mrs May did sling them out it would bring down the May government anyway. Ms Soubry nodded and said the Conservative party is not the same as the one she joined all those years ago. She has said she would jump ship if the likes of Eurosceptics Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson became the leader of the party.

When asked if she would join the Lib Dems she laughed, she would never join the likes of Jeremy Corbyn.