Having been remarkably quiet on how he or his party actually feel about Brexit, with the leak of confidential papers on the likely outcome of the process, now is the time for Labour to act.

What has happened?

A private dossier meant only for the eyes of the Cabinet has been leaked and is facing widespread condemnation. It has laid out a three-stage scenario for the immediate future of the country should we leave the EU. One strand was with a comprehensive free trade deal, the second, with Single Market access, and the third without a firm trade deal in place.

Neither option was in the least encouraging; option one would leave us with a national income at 2% lower than today, two with a 5% deficit, and option three with an 8% drop in income. Overall our future prospects look rather bleak, certainly in the short term, with not one area of the country, or the goods they produce escaping a long period of severe and straightened circumstances; all of which the cabinet and certainly David Davis, did not want us to know, as it is far, far from the tale they have been spinning us thus far in the negotiations.

What is Corbyn's stance?

The Labour Party under its recent leadership has been overly sceptical to the extreme, with both corbyn and McDonald Brexiteers - although not publicly stated - while a large majority of the younger crowd who voted for them in the last election are pro Europe.

After hedging his bets for such a long time Corbyn needs to finally lay out his stall on his view on the future of the UK either in or out of the EU. He has said publicly that he respects the outcome of the initial Brexit vote and has no plans - if he had the power - to change it. But without some sort of personal commitment from the leader of Her Majesty's loyal-opposition on what he would do, just leaves the question; is he simply hiding behind the PM, hoping the ire or the public will turn on the Conservatives, leaving us to exit the single market and customs Union and putting us in danger of becoming a third world economy?

Not to put too fine a point on it Brexit, no matter which form it takes, will leave this country and thus its populace, infinitely poorer. Perhaps a generation will pass before we gain some financial equilibrium, and certainly right now when we are squeezed to a point where many are barely coping; what does the immediate future hold?

It is difficult to know how Jeremy Corbyn actually views it all himself, but if he is the leader he wishes to become, and the man he believes himself to be, then he should make his plans known to us all now, before we all throw ourselves off the White Cliffs of Dover like lemmings into the abyss.