The National Electoral Council has announced that the elections will be on April 22, when the current president Nicolás Maduro will try to prolong his mantado for another six years.

On the other hand, "At this juncture, the table is ready for political operators of the opposition to reconnect with Venezuela and Venezuelans as a priority." Civil society would accompany a coherent leadership in the transition from a clear roadmap towards democracy, "said political scientist Felix Seijas, director of Delphos.

What is the current situation of the Left party?

"We will propose within the Barro not to nominate candidates for the fraudulent presidential election," said Andrés Velásquez, leader of La Causa Izquierda.

However, if the decision to participate in the elections was positive, Velásquez, who was snatched in December to the governor of the state of Bolívar for fraud to deliver the richest mineral district to a Chavez military, repeatedly warned that the government has the intention to launch a "Trojan horse" as an opposition electoral candidate to "legalise" the revolutionary elections.

in this order of events, all eyes are now on former Governor Henri Falcón and on the social democratic leader Henry Ramos Allup, pre-candidates who believe that with a massive participation, Maduro can be defeated.

Fractured and with their main leaders disqualified by judicial and administrative decisions to appear in any office of popular election, the opposition must announce if it will go to the polls or remain on the sidelines, as it has done in the past, but only in the regional elections.

The decision will be discussed on Thursday afternoon, said opposition leader Julio Borges.

"We are talking about hours to be able to respond to the country," Borges added in a radio interview.

Opinions of the opposition party

Offer "a very clear path in front of a government that, I believe, is very, very weak," said the opposition Borges when referring to the new movement Somos Venezuela created by Maduro.

On the other hand, they demand that all restrictions be removed on their main figures, such as Leopoldo López, Henrique Capriles, Antonio Ledezma, among others, seen by critics inside and outside the country as a process lacking in transparency.

What does the current president think?

Maduro, a 54-year-old former bus driver, has said that with or without opposition, he will measure himself at the polls and has asked his followers to obtain at least 10 million votes. "We have had difficult years, but the coming years will be the best in the history of Venezuela," Maduro said on his Twitter account.