The government of Theresa May maintains a good relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when it comes to trade. The UK sells the latest high-tech weapons which keep the regime afloat as one of the Middle East's powers.

The country is seen by many in the West as a bulwark against Iran so this is another reason a strong Saudi Arabia is in the West's interests. The Saudis are locked in a cold war with Iran and are leading the coalition against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Saudis are supporting what they believe to be the legitimate government of Yemen whereas rivals Iran are allegedly aiding the Houthis.

Jeremy Corbyn has attacked the government's stance on Saudi Arabia saying "We're selling arms to Saudi Arabia and at the same time we are sending aid in we should not be doing". Obviously, the war being conducted by the Saudis in Yemen is in Corbyns crosshairs with the Saudis being accused of overkill when it comes to targeting the Houthis. The problem like many wars is that innocent civilians get caught up, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries.

Corbyn has stated that the only way this war will be brought to end is to have a "political process to bring about a ceasefire". Of course, he is right but while the West maintains its present stance on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this is not going to happen anytime soon.

Arab League boycotts Labour conference

The Labour conference will be held in Brighton this year but because of Corbyn's views on Saudi Arabia, the Arab League will not be attending. A letter put out by the Arab League on 13 September said the Arab League had cancelled their "Annual reception and buffet dinner".

In the past, Mr.

Corbyn has been seen as a supporter of Arab causes like the Palestinians for example. But in this case with Saudi Arabia, this is clearly not the case and understandably so.

Whether the non-participation of the Arab league will hurt the Labour Party Conference is open to speculation. However, Corbyn's stance is in stark contrast to the appeasing stance of the May regime over Saudi Arabia's style of government, and the way it is prosecuting the war in Yemen.

Yemen: The war the world forgot

While the world has been focusing on the ongoing War In Syria and Iraq another Middle East conflict it seems, has been largely forgotten. Saudi together with a coalition of nations launched an air campaign in support of the Yemeni government fighting the Houthi Rebels. The war is also being fought on the ground between the Houthis and the government forces. Fighting has engulfed the entire country which has led to death and destruction on a massive scale.

The infrastructure of the nation has been wrecked and disease has been rife in many areas. Both sides are guilty of atrocities, so no side is wholly innocent, but the Saudis with their western backers are probably inflicting the most carnage.

There is no peaceful ending in sight at the moment and the situation is very complicated, much like the war in Syria and Iraq.