Just like he thought that "many sides" were in the wrong after the white nationalists in Charlottesville killed a protestor and injured others with a car, gun-toting US President Donald Trump believes that the shooting in Las Vegas the other day, certifiably the worst mass shooting in American history, was "in many ways, A Miracle." A man opened fire on a music festival from a hotel room window and killed 59 people and injured 527 more. Bit of an odd miracle.

As he left the White House on his way to Puerto Rico, which has just been battered so badly by a hurricane that 94% of the island is now without power, Trump said very nonchalantly, "Look, we have a tragedy," and then he strangely added, "What happened is, in many ways, a miracle," and then praised the Vegas police department for their speedy response.

That doesn't make it a miracle, though, by the Bible's definition of the word.

The President, of course, avoided talk of gun control

Trump dodged all the questions about US gun laws and how they might be to blame (well, they definitely are to blame) for Monday's horrific attack. He said that discussions of gun laws would take place "as time goes by." At the moment, the White House has said that all the calls for gun control in response to the attack are "premature."