'Mr Glastonbury', Michael Eavis, organiser of the Glastonbury music festival which has been running for some years introduced Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday. Like Corbyn, Eavis is no stranger to politics himself holding many views that Corbyn would certainly agree with, but unlike Corbyn has never run for office. Eavis is also an ardent Methodist Christian, which may come as a surprise to some Christians who mostly regard Glastonbury the town as a haven for Pagans and New Agers.

As soon as Jeremy Corbyn hit the stage a roar went up; "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!" which greets the Labour leader wherever he goes.

He launched into a speech that outlined core beliefs he has held for 30 years or more, such as, human rights, peace, justice, and democracy around the planet.

The crowd was largely on Corbyn's side

Corbyn is no stranger to political rallies, and even though Glastonbury is a music festival he treated it like any other open-air political event. The crowd, by and large, listened to what Corbyn had to say and was mainly in agreement with what he said.

Nevertheless, there were some dissenters who shouted their disagreement or booed, while some just walked away.

Of course, not everyone in the crowd who stood listening to Corbyn is going to be far left, and indeed if the crowd was to be questioned there would be many different political views.

Jeremy Corbyn in his speech said the young during the general election had been inspirational, and that the "politics that got out of the box, is not going back in any box."

Some bands supportive of Jeremy Corbyn

The bands and artists on the bill of Glastonbury, including Foo Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs, Royal Blood and Radiohead all had their opinions on Corbyn.

For example; Radiohead frontman, Thom Yorke, who is clearly a believer in Corbyn's politics, said Theresa May should "shut the door on the way out" as she left 10 Downing Street for good.

Rockers Royal Blood, on the other hand, didn't want to get involved in politics but the bassist did admit he could understand why Corbyn's politics has attracted a large following.

Whereas, a member of the Kaiser Chiefs was rather scathing of Corbyn not winning the general election. If Corbyn could not win the general election he would struggle to convince the Glastonbury crowd - but that was his opinion.

Whatever you think of Corbyn and his politics he has offered hope to a UK population fed up with austerity and cuts - especially the young.