Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced he will not tolerate MP's abusing women either physically or verbally. He said there is a disturbing culture in Westminster where women are seen as fair game. "It is a warped and degrading culture that also exists and thrives in the corridors of power, including in Westminster". No doubt referencing the Weinstein allegations coming out of Hollywood saying Westminster is not free of it either.

He urged women employees at Westminster and in general to come forward and report any verbal or Physical Abuse to the authorities.

His remarks also come on the back of alleged sexual misconduct ironically enough coming out of Westminister.

Theresa May puts her oar in

Theresa May has also said she will not stand for the abuse of women in any sector of our society including Westminister. Echoing Corbyn May also said women should report any unnecessary harassment by colleagues to the appropriate authorities.

It is quite possible that Mrs. May herself has been the victim of such attention at one stage as a woman. So obviously she will know what it is like for young women entering parliament for the first time and the pitfalls that may exist in this area.

It is a sad day in this day and age when women are still the object of unwanted male attention.

Of course with Weinstein in Hollywood, it was a case, of women wanting to take their careers further by obliging the Hollywood mogul. The sad fact is this seedy state of affairs seems to be rife in all sectors of our society.

Could verbal and physical abuse of young males in industries like Hollywood and Westminister also take place?

Well, whenever you think of sexual misconduct you automatically think of males but it could also be women in power taking advantage of males. It may not be as prominent as men taking advantage of women but never the less it is bound to happen.

Women highlighting dangers on Instagram

The Sun has highlighted the case of women employees at Westminister pointing to the dangers of inappropriate behaviour by men in power.

The Instagram posting allegedly tells women new to the scene at Westminister of who and what to watch to watch out for.

Taking advantage of someone sexually whether it be physical or verbal has gone on since the beginning of time, unfortunately. It can be speculated that some in power today (not just in Hollywood or at Westminster) have got there through a culture of doing sexual favours for those above them or being the target of abuse. It is a sad fact that happens in this so-called enlightened age.

Women and come to that men must feel braver to come forward and feel they will be listened to. Not ridiculed or threatened but to be supported and actively encouraged to report any offence however small.