Today's episode of The Andrew Marr Show was showered with last minute criticisms of the Government's Brexit approach. There were suggestions that World Trade Organisation rules would lead to a rise in food prices and that the Government has not done an adequate job in planning for Brexit. But the final amendments of the Bill to trigger Article 50 is being passed through Parliament this week. And there is no reason why Britain cannot achieve a good deal.

Why cut off its nose to spite its face?

It is no secret that the EU exports more to the UK than this country exports to the superbloc.

There have been many arguments that Britain should have a transitional deal post 2019, which means Britain will fail to leave the EU in time. If you watched that disastrous BBC documentary about Brexit this week, one expert stated that politics always triumphs economics in the EU.

Ticking time bombs

But if the EU wants to survive, why cut off its nose to spite its face? Regardless of how they deal with Britain, Brexit has still inspired Eurosceptics across the continent. We are leaving the EU, regardless of how bad or poor the final deal is. Italy's and Greece's economies are both ticking time bombs waiting to explode. If that happens, the future of the euro, let alone the EU, is thrown into jeopardy.

It is not in the EU's best interests to give us a bad deal, no matter what sort of rhetoric they come up with. So let's get on with leaving.