A mysterious anonymous call was placed to a British newspaper just 25 minutes before the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. This has been hailed as one of the most shocking revelations from the new documents that have been reluctantly released by the White House at the behest of current President Donald Trump.

Basically, an anonymous call was made to a senior reporter at the newspaper Cambridge News on the day that Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas. The caller simply told the reporter to get in touch with the American Embassy in London to get “some big news,” and then hung up.

Whoever this caller was knew what was about to happen, which would change the world forever. This was made public via a memo that was sent to the director of the FBI during the investigation.

Oswald went to Mexico to visit Cuban diplomats

Another fact that was hidden by the CIA was that proposed JFK shooter Lee Harvey Oswald had visited Mexico to meet with some Cuban diplomats at the height of Kennedy’s negotiations and bluff-calling during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was also known that Oswald was a Marxist sympathiser, which was likely kept a secret to hide the US government’s plan to pay Cubans to murder Fidel Castro.