Amongst all of the new documents that have been released by current US President Donald Trump regarding the shady assassination of his predecessor, President John F. Kennedy, there is a report of a debate between the members of Kennedy’s Cabinet where they supposedly considered offering the People Of Cuba varying figures “from two cents and $1 million” to overthrow the government they were, at the time, locking horns with.

This was to be called Operation Bounty

Operation Bounty, as outlined in a 1975 document simply titled “Castro” that recounts a debate from the early 1960s, was the name given to the plan to pay off the people of Cuba to assassinate their government.

The plan was to drop leaflets from a plane that would rain down over Cuba. The people would pick them up to find what the US government was offering them to kill government officials. An informant would be worth up to $20,000, while a government official would be worth up to $100,000.

The “two cents” offer was for one target in particular: Mr. Fidel Castro. This low fee was intended to “denigrate” the Cuban revolutionary (disparage him). In the end, this plan was scrapped, and Castro managed to live on for many years to come, dying just last year at the age of 90. Ironically, he said he wouldn’t die until he had destroyed America, and then died right after the election of one Donald Trump...