16 oil workers have been confirmed dead, and many more injured, after the bus that was carrying them drove off the end of a pier, into the Black Sea in Krasnodar Russia.

Witnesses say that there were between 38 and 60 people on the bus at the time of the accident. The workers were being transported the oil rig owned by Tammanneftegas Energy when the bus seemed to lose control before plunging 35 feet off the side of the pier, The Daily Mail reported.

Survivors tell how they smashed windows to escape

Survivors claimed that the bus was out of control before it p[lunged of the pier, driving erratically near people.

They said that the driver remained silent, as many people smashed windows and doors to get out the vehicle. Some escaped before the bus left the pier. Many accounts suggest that the brakes failed on the bus. The driver did try and locate the gears, however, failed to use them to slow down the bus. Many are suggesting the bus itself was overcrowded with passengers.

One passenger said that "We were driving down the pier and we heard a crack, just one and the bus began accelerating. Then for some reason, turned towards the pier that was under construction, then we began to smash windows and doors trying to get out," according to the Daily Mail.

20 people swam ashore, and rescuers from the Krasnodar region are expecting the death toll to rise, despite doing everything in their power to save survivors.

24 people have been rescued, with eight so far hospitalized, some in critical condition.

Investigation now underway

An investigation has now been launched to try and find out the cause of the crash. Many believing a technical fault was to blame however the driver was also seen as not doing enough to stop the accident from happening.

Some sources saying that a traffic violation may be to blame for why the bus was driving erratically.

Currently an investigation is underway by the Russian Investigative Commitee- an equivalent to the F.B.I.

Divers are currently searching the murky waters for survivors, and many of the injured have been transported by helicopter to local hospitals for emergency treatment, some being described as being in a 'grave' condition.

With both the investigation still underway, and the divers still searching for survivors, the cause of the accident is at the time unknown and the death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are found during the searches by the divers.