The British government came under fire following the outbreak of Hurricane Irma, as they were criticised for not following the example of France and the Netherlands and sending aid for the victims and survivors of the storm. The UK have mobilised personnel to aid those affected in their own territories.

However, as one UK humanitarian expert in the heart of Irma has admitted, “We haven’t got onto the ground on the islands that have been worst hit. Some of our military colleagues have got out today and started doing the first assistance.” The UK are turning it around now, with a sweeping change in their outlook on the situation.

But only because of the backlash.

UK now spending £32 million on relief aid

Since these criticisms came out, the British Government have changed their mind and decided to speed up their response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma. So, the ministers of Parliament have agreed that £32 million will be spent on bringing emergency assistance to the victims of the superstorm, and a special military task force has been dispatched to provide aid. However, their ship, the HMS Ocean, is currently stationed out in the Mediterranean Sea, and it could take them up to two weeks to get to the Caribbean.