Parliament is on holiday this summer of 2017 but the UK is balanced on a knife edge and half of the Conservative Party seem intent on pushing it over. In doing so, they risk not only the loss of many of their colleagues, but giving control of the country to the most ludicrous and damaging opposition in the recent history of British Politics.

To go over the absurd, dangerous, and recklessly costly policies of Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott serves little purpose. The sensible people understand the consequences already. The young will not learn through explanation and so will have to experience what the rest of us have lived through already and the left wing acolytes and union leaders don't care how poor the country as a whole becomes, so long as the rich suffer.

We expect more of the Conservative Party

Yes, Theresa May was a false dawn. An efficient, brave and decent person, her lack of ability to communicate with the masses and her appalling choice of advisers (particularly whichever imbecile urged her to take seven weeks over an election when all she could possibly do was lose ground) has made it unthinkable that she could ever lead the party through another election.

It is also to be expected that potential leaders want to secure their position. Boris Johnson seems to have always believed it to be his destiny to lead the Conservatives and make full use of his brilliant if unpredictable talents. Gove has one of the sharpest minds in the cabinet but his chances may be fatally damaged through his treachery to Boris.

Twitter is alive with calls for Jacob Rees-Mogg to be thrust forward. Another great thinker and debater he may be the dark horse. David Davis is gritty and is holding the leave process together presently. These four are all broadly pro Brexit and any one of them may do a creditable job. Michael Fallon has done well and demonstrated unity as has Damien Green.

Ruth Davidson may well be the future. Hammond has been treacherously undermining the process, Amber Rudd suffers through her tiny majority in her own constituency. You can't elect a leader only to have her lose her own seat a few weeks later.

All of this would be interesting speculation if it were not for the fact that for the good of us all we must keep this Government in power, get through the Brexit process, develop trade with the rest of the world, combat terrorism and illustrate what a shower the other lot are.

The key players in the Conservative Party must pull together. Keep their disagreements private and present a united and capable front to the country.

The Greater Good

It may seem trite to say now is the time to put the greater good of the country first but it may never have been truer since World War 2. There are seven potential leaders noted above. Any one of them with the other six in the Cabinet would be a satisfactory way forward but if they don't pull together now, support May for as long as needed, then organise a seamless transfer of power, none of them may get in. Instead, we could be presented with the dreadful Jeremy Corbyn supported by the ridiculous Vince Cable and the fanatical Nicola Sturgeon.