Theresa May is the woman who was an arch remainer and now finds herself in the unenviable position of over seeing the UK's departure from the EU. On top of that, she had an awful election thrashing and had to do a deal with the DUP just to give her a majority in Parliament plus splits in the cabinet on Brexit and other issues.

Now she has gone with bespectacled hubby on one of her walking holidays and the last time she did that we all know what happened. This time it's not Wales but the Italian and Swiss Alps, so one wonders will she come up with another drastic decision like when she called a snap election.

Will she be thinking about her future as she walks around the alpine scenery or maybe she is not thinking about anything political? It could be like the rest of us she is just glad to be away from all the hullabaloo of being Prime Minister and the responsibility that comes with it.

Never the less with Philip Hammond acting as acting Prime Minister in her absence political life has not stopped.

The remainers rear their heads

It seems pro - leavers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have gone to ground, and ardent remainers have been active. Spreadsheet Phil as he is known has been voicing his opinions about Brexit being a remainer himself

Hammond has gone on the offensive with a pro-business Brexit plan saying free movement from the EU should continue beyond 2019.

Many businesses depend on labour from the EU as does the NHS and say it will take time to train Native Brits in these roles if EU migration is stopped.

Amber Rudd, another remainer, has said the UK will not close the door to European workers after Brexit. The status of European people who have come to work in various professions seems to be safe but can the same be said for the Brits in the EU?

Liam Fox puts his case

Liam Fox along with Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and David Davis is a pro-leaver and unlike his colleagues has been voicing his opinion on Brexit. Fox has said continuing free movement of people into the UK from the EU will not respect the referendum result. Meaning the 53% who tipped the vote in favour of leaving the trading bloc in June 2016 which saw the departure of David Cameron.

Fox has a point the result was close but the leavers won, and it seems many remainers have now come to terms with this. They know despite what Vince Cable said about Brexit not happening that the UK is leaving the EU forever no going back.

However, they are finding other ways to get the best out of a bad situation like representing the interest of those who were the 48%. Hence them pushing for continued EU free movement and a softer Brexit no doubt.