This Wednesday just gone was the Queen's Speech in Parliament. Whilst most of the focus was on what was in the list of laws that the government hopes to get passed, there was one other incident that almost went unnoticed; well except by one person.

Bad example set

What am I referring to? The fact that The Queen did not wear a Seatbelt when travelling from Buckingham Palace to Parliament. As reported by the Independent newspaper, the individual who did notice, did call 999 to report it to the police. Whilst it must be mentioned that under UK law, "civil and criminal proceedings" cannot be taken against the Queen, it is a situation that may draw criticism.

Leadinging the way

Why you may ask? Well the Queen is the Head of State, technically the most powerful person in the country and the one person we all look up to. It is in this spirit that huge responsibility is upon her shoulders and as a result she has to set the right example. Wearing a seatbelt in a car is a major issue as without one, it could have fatal consequences if one is involved in a car crash.

It is only as a result of this that one has to be slightly critical of our beloved Queen. In the future it is important, as with everything, that the right example is set. Going forwards, it may have a serious impact on what others do for security whilst in a car. As with most things, it starts at the top.